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About Us

We build beautiful cloud platforms

Founded in 2020, Cloudize is a company that was established with the express purpose of providing its customers with the capability to innovate at extraordinary speed.
Creating beautiful cloud services is a highly specialised undertaking, and this is where we bring a significant point of difference to the table. Not only do we bring this specialist know-how and our build-as-you-design tooling to the table, but perhaps more significantly, we bring the ability to deliver iterations at extreme speed - often in real-time during the design process.
The essence of agile development is to iterate and learn as quickly as possible. The faster we move through the build-measure-learn cycle, the lower we drive the cost of waste and, therefore, the lower the risk of the development.
While this works well on smaller projects, it isn't easy to achieve in large-scale developments, such as building a quality API. Inadvertently cycle times increase to the point where considerable risk is introduced to the project, and more often than not, the opportunity is lost.
This is the founding problem that we set out to solve.
Our mission is to create beautiful APIs for our customers in near real-time, and in doing so, present them with an unfair advantage.

Partnering with world-class technologies

Innovation doesn't occur in a vacuum, and whilst we're incredibly excited about our world-class low-code API Platform technology for business, we're the first to admit that we could only have achieved the outcomes we have by building on the shoulders of giants. We're proud to be associated with these fantastic brands:

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