Have you ever thought about the DNA of a great cloud service?

We have. In fact, that's what inspired us to build the Cloudize API Framework.

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What makes a cloud service beautiful?

This is a question that we think about almost all of the time.
It's a lot of things, really, but in the end, we'd summarise it in this one statement.
It has to be a delight to use.
Sounds easy, right. An API's design has to make sense. Its implementation must be fast, blazingly fast, and it must be secure, scalable, resilient, and flexible. Actually, it might not be that easy after all.

Designed for both machines and humans

Computers are REALLY good at storing and managing vast amounts of information, and as long as you access that information in a way that's logical to the computer, all is well. That's the easy path.
But that's NOT what customers expect in today's day and age.
Consider an app's user trying to find a customer called Tracy something or other from Parnell in New Zealand. Well, what if the customer's name is actually spelt Tracy or even Tracie? And what if Trassey doesn't actually live in Parnell but rather on the edge of Parnell in Remuera?
Unless your API has been designed to support searches suited to both humans and machines, your user will be frustrated. Conversely, when it does, trust is built, and they'll love using your app.
Our APIs provide human, and machine focused filtering out of the box. No effort required.