API Games becomes Cloudize

Well, it's official - we are now Cloudize.
The name change has been brewing in the background for some time, and it better reflects what we do - we cloudize your business ideas.
While we loved our old name ("API Games"), unfortunately, most of the folks we met at conferences and meetups automatically assumed that we were in the business of developing games. This created unnecessary confusion and made cut-through challenging to achieve.
The original intent of the "API Games" name was to communicate that our low-code technologies were so advanced that customers could literally "game out" the design and development of powerful APIs in near real-time, which meant cycle-time, and, therefore, risk, was radically reduced.
This outcome remains a core success criterion of our product, but equally so does getting cut through in our marketing efforts for the business. As a result, we started exploring the idea of renaming the business in late 2022 and settled on Cloudize Limited.
We're excited about the new company name and how the brand is developing, and we hope to get feedback from you, our customers, as to what you think of the new direction.