Beautiful & Feature Rich

We thought that building a beautiful and feature-rich experience in your app would be easier if the cloud services it depends on were beautiful and feature-rich too.

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Powerful Filtering Options

Storing large amounts of data isn't difficult.
Creating the ability to find that data efficiently takes some effort. However, high-performance systems depend heavily on that capability, so we put some effort into this problem and made it a breeze.
Every cloud service we create includes incredible filtering options right out of the box, no effort required, and your consumers will love them.
Whether you need your resources filtered in a search-engine style index that tolerates human error, or by a resource's proximity to a geospatial point, or whether you need equality, range matching, or to check nullability, we've got you covered.

Imagine having modern, fully-featured search engine capabilities, designed specifically for humans, embedded in the heart of your app.

No need to imagine; we thought it should be a default option.

Search designed for humans

One of the features we're most excited about bringing to market is our incredible new search filtering capabilities. Designed for humans, they implement inverted indexes and fuzzy search capabilities to surface relevant results regardless of user input errors or typos.
No need to imagine; we thought it should be a default option.
We believe this is a game-changer and effectively delivers a modern search engine capability to your apps directly from within your cloud service. Every cloud service that we design and build ships with this capability straight out of the box.